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A Random Encounter?

The following fictional story is completely thought-up and written by me. There will be monumental inconsistencies, eventful happenings and consistent matter. There might not be any point. It goes either way. Be calm, nervous and excited to venture into an unparalleled and unworthy experience that few are privileged to.

It’s Monday night. My pizza night. I ponder upon what pizza to order. I decide Pepperoni. Is it my favorite? No. That’s not the point. I hate pepperoni. I have a new fireplace. I feel like burning something in it. Pizza fits. I place the order. The pizza delivery guy arrives. He is 30mins late. He has his reasons and explains it to me. He calls himself John. I don’t trust him. Delivery can never take that much time. Its just around the corner. I look at the fireplace. It feels warm. it’s yearning for a taste. It’s beautiful. Delivery guy receives a call. Its Cindy. His girlfriend. She’s angry. They haven’t met since a month now. I trust Cindy. Fight Night is on TV. John takes notice. He looks anxious. A new fight is announced on TV. It’s John vs Cindy. Cindy wins. John must’ve lost. Explains their fight. They’re boxers. John tries to run away. In an instant, I catch him by the shoulder. First, I put the pizza on the table. He wants to burn himself in my fireplace. I don’t trust him. I push him towards it. He needs to earn my trust. Just before he leaps towards the fireplace, I quickly maneuver towards the table, tear open the pizza-box and throw the pies with him. Light flashes. The fireplace is holographic. Shit happens. Nothing happens. Everyone is safe. I don’t trust my fireplace. I felt the batteries burn. Fireplace is due for a recharge. About time!



Be careful on Monday nights.



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