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The following fictional story is completely thought-up and written by me. There will be monumental inconsistencies, eventful happenings and consistent matter. There might not be any point. It goes either way. Be calm, nervous and excited to venture into an unparalleled and unworthy experience that few are privileged to.

Walking down the street, I see a man staring at me from a distance. Do I go and hit him? No. I am busy staring at the woman behind him. She notices me as I walk coyly beside the man. I see her waving at me from a distance. It’s Rachel. She knows me. We go for a coffee. I don’t drink coffee, but she does. She starts drinking. I feel insulted. I ask her to meet me outside. She doesn’t find me outside. I lied. I break through the backdoor and run across the street. The man finds me. He is a stalker. I go for my knife. He keeps staring. The knife was the decoy. I spit in his eye. I run back to the coffee shop. I drink the left-over coffee. I lied. I love coffee. I just can’t share it.




Be selfish when it comes to coffee.


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