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Dark Souls

Dark Souls PS3 Box Cover

Dark Souls PS3 Box Cover

Fantasy. Masochistic. Death

“Praise the Sun”. -Solaire of Astora

Target Audience: Dark fantasy lovers aged 18+ who prefer to gratify themselves by standing up to countless horrific dangers… even in the face of imminent death, failure and graciously accept “YOU DIED” on screen

Being hailed as a successor to Demon’s Souls my other favorite RPG by From Software, Dark Souls takes everything a step ahead. Welcome to massive suffering. Welcome its chaotic yet beautiful theme. Welcome to one of a kind storytelling made possible with strong thematic presentation, excellent environments, monsters and players’ interaction with the world. This is unlike any game you have ever played… unless you’ve experienced Demon’s Souls. Dark Souls is Masochistic. gives you a vast open world to roam around with countless dangers and unforgiving traps. You are sure to be amazed by extremely well done level architecture and how all mini-pockets of the world fall in place together. This is indeed one giant world. Interwoven carefully to structurally induce pain, fear, nausea over and over again until you are skilled enough to dare face the challenges thrown at you.

Apart from everything that I’ve said above, what really really gets you into the game (if you wish to accept it) is its Combat System. Meticulously designed weapons, stances, timing and abilities make sure fights never become dull. It is almost always challenging, extremely rewarding and makes you feel seriously proud about your progress, skills and direction. Trust me. Plus, I cannot stress this enough, this game is a pure gem when it comes to Online mode. A unique approach to coop, ghost system and PvP. The experience of watching other players’ ghost fall down cliffs, bash away, relax at shrine is priceless. An intense concoction of pleasure and dismay. Intuitive chat (read ghostly messages) system and murderous (yet buggy) PvP is what has also kept this game fresh to date. Fighting away and destroying Bosses with the help of another troubled soul is priceless2.

Funny thing is, you cannot “like” Dark Souls, you can either “Love” or “Hate it”. People who have extremely low patience and exhibit frustration towards messages like “YOU DIED”, stay away from this game. This is most likely not your cup of tea. Sometimes tea tastes best with spiced butter and no milk. To me, this game is like Vodka!

Saying all that, compared to its prequel, Dark Souls has improved visuals, more player driver open-world gameplay, refined combat mechanics, better connectivity within worlds, revolutionary multiplayer and deep unnerving soundtrack. Kindly do me a favor and listen to Firelink Shrine. A perfect musical piece to sum up strenuous hours of pain, power and glory followed by uber-important… REST.


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