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Love. Humans. Monsters.

“You called for help, but nobody came”. -…(intentionally left blank)

Target Audience: 3+ aged lovers of pixel-art and retro fans who are curious enough to understand the ultimate quest for love, relationships, sadness and anything and everything emotional.

Everything in Undertale is a testament to what is possible when creators creatively express their passion, heart and soul inside a game. Every tiny detail, each and every text, expression, animation, mechanic is crafted with utmost love.

It is incredibly hard to write anything about this game’s story, characters, mechanics and gameplay without spoiling the fun. I hate spoilers. So, I won’t spoil anything for you. I request you to not read other reviews before you try this game. My review, well, is entirely spoiler free, consider it as an appreciation of eventual love you’ll experience when you start playing Undertale.

When most games on the market today feel like a void, this game succeeds by oozing ‘soul’ every step of the way. Not only does it have an immeasurable amount of soul, it makes the experience so smooth, that every tiny detail just fit… as if it is so simple. Which, it most assuredly is not!

Once you start playing, you’ll never look at “text on screen” the same way again! Emotions are conveyed beautifully by tiny expressions, spectacular comedic-timing, music and text. Yes, text! Not a spoiler, Undertale has multiple endings. It’ll take into account the choices you make. Oh, and the music. The music! I must buy the original soundtrack!

Trust me, once you are done interacting with solidly-crafted in-game characters, as story progress and you finally… end the game… you’ll know what it means to love, the meaning of friendship, hating someone, memories you keep and care for, importance of species, life, universe and everything! Also, in case you didn’t know about the “Fourth Wall”, you’ll be educated in it too.

I hope, after reading through the aforementioned review of this gem of a game, you, my dear reader can foresee yourself enjoying the world of Undertale. This beautiful thought should fill you with… DETERMINATION!



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