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Amaterasu. Okami. (by Ryuoku)

Amaterasu. Okami. (by Ryuoku)

Divine. Serene. Artistic.

“Leap before you think!”. -Issun (The Wandering Artist)

Target Audience: 3+ aged Canine lovers with passion for everything Japanese who are imbued with strong creativity to admire and create beauty wherever and whenever. Must possess cute and weird sense of humor.

Let me get this straight. Okami is one of the coolest, awesomest action-adventure game featuring one of a kind protagonist. You Dog! You Wolf! Yes, you do play a handsome, furry white wolfie. Your incredibly canine-infested charisma helps you interact with weird, funny, out of this world (+Japanese), wonderfully realized characters. In your adventure, you get to play alongside a sarcastic, slightly pervert side-kick of a bug named Issun. A wandering artist. Ammy and Issun feel like a team made in heaven. Perfect friends. Imperfect creations. With missions and story of their own. Grander and dearer than Life.

Talk about teasing, learning, practicing and perfecting skills! Okami utilizes this fundamental idea with flair. The whole level design of Okami is so well done that you’ll always feel rush of various emotions coupled with excellent pacing. The animations and inputs feel extremely responsive. Superb execution of game mechanics puts so many other games to shame. Once you get introduced to “Brush Technique”, you’re in for a blast. The whole game is a thrilling, marvelous adventure where learning various brush techniques and combat moves are a charm. There is nothing like watching nature bloom in front of your eyes. All thanks to your carefully realized artistic brushwork. In reality, thanks should go to the wonderful team that worked on this gem at Clover Studio. Game worlds are very well structured with superb progression, well spaced out objectives and missions. You will go everywhere. Trust me. Forests, snowy mountains, dark void, space, underwater and… back in time, future, present… everywhere!!! Even in the insides of an interesting individual. It’s gooey, sticky, bug-infested – presenting a smart, coherent digestive system. Yes, this is THE game.

Apart from the artistic visuals, spectacular gameplay, terrific characters and animations, this game also has an amazingly serene soundtrack. It perfectly suits the game theme. Even when you aren’t playing, just listening to the music takes you back to the incredible world of Okami. It transcends space, time and video games.

Bosses. Ready yourself to face Japanese culture. Ready yourself and experience some of the coolest, meanest, creepy and hellish Boss encounters ever. Each is unique. You will fall in love with most of them. Seriously. Boss fights are cleverly designed and challenging. Using brush techniques and exploiting their weak points is so satisfying!

This game will teach you more about being human (and animal) than anything out there. Embrace your time with Issun. His perverted sense of humor. Learn to respect elders. Know Mr. Orange. Feel the right to do justice. Meet Amaterasu. Restore essence, soul, life and nature. Devour darkness, make friends, bark here and there, help people in need, keep drawing, use your brush, learn to fish, learn to fight like an athletic wolf, swim across oceans, drive dolphins, investigate the stomach and most importantly always make sure to epitomize your epic victory with a divine and serene Wolfish Howl.


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