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Game Designer. Producer. Gamer.

Who am I?

Jitesh Panchal, a Chaotic Good multi-class human is tasked with designing and producing games since 2004.

Born and brought up in India, he soon discovered deep passion for games, traveling and questing with his friends, who serve as his NPCs (non-player characters). Having gained much in lore throughout the years, in addition to gaming, Jitesh rejuvenates through music, anything sci-fi, movies, books and meditation. Rock and metal genre boosts his endurance by 10! Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Flurry of blows and Spot are some of his strong skills.

Over all these years, I have spent some of the best time learning and developing amazing innovative titles at my 8
years at Ubisoft. I always cherish those moments. During my time at multiple companies across different countries, I have been actively responsible for making and streamlining creative processes and production pipeline as part of higher management core teams. I have 15 years of experience in leadership positions across different roles like Senior and Lead Game Design, Producer, Design Director, Creative Director, Pitch Owner. Currently, I work as Creative Director for Nine Worlds Studios in Munich, part of Kalypso Media Group tasked with leading the creative vision for the next Tropico.

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