Jitesh's Domain

Game Designer. Producer. Gamer.

Who am I?

Jitesh Panchal, a Chaotic Good multi-class human is tasked with designing and producing games since 2004.

Born and brought up in India, he soon discovered deep passion for games, traveling and questing with his friends, who serve as his NPCs (non-player characters). Having gained much in lore throughout the years, in addition to gaming, Jitesh rejuvenates through music, sci-fi, movies and books. Rock and metal genre boosts his endurance by 10! Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Flurry of blows and Spot are some of his strong skills.

After successfully working on multi-platform games at Gameloft, Ubisoft and Nazara as Senior/ Lead Game Designer and Producer, he led design division and the entire game team at Centre for Content Creation in Malaysia as Creative Director  and Producer.

Navigate to different sections in this website to see my Blogposts, some of My games and Short reviews by me on works that interest and inspire me.


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