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Les Misérables (2012) – Hugh the carrier!

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I finally watched Les Misérables today! I must say, it is a very beautifully made movie. Definitely, the best movie of 2012. Stellar cast delivers stellar performances.

What am I doing, this is not a review! I felt like writing about a very interesting aspect presented in the movie… and that is:

Hugh Jackman – as the Load bearer. Throughout the movie, he is shown to lift, carry and transpose one thing/ person from A to B. Well, there is deep meaning here.


  • Hugh Jackman lifts and carries the flag. – This is his first role as a Load bearer.

    • Why? –> To obey a direct command, to honor, act with his place as a slave/ prisoner
    • Consequence –> Utter hate and distrust in the eyes of Javert
  • Lifts a fallen carriage bar to save on old man. – Second role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> Every moment he makes sure to save any soul in need that surround him, he doesn’t believe in inequality and remembers his own place
    • Consequence –> Subtle memory recall of Hugh’s true self by Javert
  • Lifts and carries Fantine (Anne Hathaway) – Third role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> To help the lady who has fallen from grace, for he must right everything and help her save Cosette, live with the guilt of not helping Fantine earlier.
    • Consequence –> Leads his journey forward and establises a strong quest
  • Lifts and carries young Cosette – Fourth role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> Fulfilling his promise to Fantine, mercy and kindness
    • Consequence –> Understands what love is.
  • Lifts and carries Marius (Eddie) – Fifth role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> To save and bring Cosette’s love at any cost
    • Consequence –> Causes Javert to realize life, Reunites Cosette with Marius, understands love is to be shared
  • Lifts and carries himself – Sixth role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> Does not want to live/ face Cosette with his past as an escaped prisoner
    • Consequence –> Frees himself and returns to lost souls in heaven

The last and sixth role is true metaphorical in presentation.


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