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Time Travel

A very interesting article on how we can try being more efficient (somewhat) by being a Time Traveler!

The Quick, Not The Dead

I live in two states of time when I’m at home. I live in the future and I live in the present. I’ve manipulated time at home in such a way that it seems almost normal being in the future and the present simultaneously. It works best when I forget about the alteration I did.

I set all the clocks in the house ten minutes fast. If you look at any clock in the house, it reads ten minutes in the future. If you look at any computer clock, you see the present time. This dichotomy works by giving me the illusion of being in a different space and time. I know I’m actually in the past of what the clocks say but the visual, the constant reminder from all the clocks that I’m technically also in the future works on me.

I get up earlier, which is also on…

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