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Currently Playing – Super Hexagon


Oh I have become a HUGE fan of this game. Got countless hours to prove it! Now, the only thing that is bugging me… is the hardest difficulty setting… I know I can do it! I must. I will. I shall.

2013-04-22_00001 2013-04-22_00002 2013-04-22_00003 2013-04-22_00004 2013-04-22_00005 2013-04-22_00006


2 thoughts on “Currently Playing – Super Hexagon

  1. But how? I cannot play even for 10 seconds.

  2. Really? I know its difficult, but you must keep trying 🙂 My gameplay hours in Super Hexagon is clocking to 38+ hours! So, I have played a lot! Just need to beat the final difficulty now :/

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