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Currently Playing – The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The name intrigued me. Van Helsing. Adventures? Incredible Adventures? That too for $15? Well, I bought this game to experience and relive classic ARPGs like Diablo. I mean the first one. The one which I consider is better than two and way ahead of 3.

Adventuring Party? Marvelous reference!

I haven’t played a lot of this game yet. I’m just level 8 and my companion, Lady Katarina is 7. She’s like my pet Ghost. I mean like the pet you have in Torchlight II.

Dolby flame surround.

Dolby flame surround.

Characters in this game are very likable and display a peculiar sense of humor. Okay, I wanted to write more about this game… but guess I’ll do that next time. Soon. I’ll go back to hacking, slashing and having some more fun while the rain drops outside. Good times.



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A new Short Review – Planescape: Torment

Symbol of Torment - by foolecho - deviantart

Symbol of Torment – by foolecho – deviantart

My short review of Planescape: Torment is posted! Finally! Yeah –> Enlighten me!

Feel free to comment, shoot feedback and talk in rules of three.

Let me share some super-exciting details about some of the voice-actors cast in this game:

  • The Nameless OneMichael T. Weiss –> check out The Pretender (Jarod)
  • NordomDan Castellaneta –> check out The Simpsons (Homer Simpson ++)
  • Dak’konMitch Pileggi –> check out The X-Files (Skinner)

Apart from the aforementioned, I’ll name some of the others as (just for fun):

  • Q
  • Naomi Hunter
  • Morning Train
  • Raphael
  • Legacy of Kain


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Currently Playing – Super Hexagon

Finally! It gives me immense pleasure to say that I have beaten the final level of Super Hexagon!!!

My best timing

My best timing


And, mind you all… this was no easy task. I have clocked approximately 50 hours in the game! Of course, this doesn’t mean that others do not possess higher scores than mine! There are thousands of better players 😉

I do have a secret to finishing the game. Brace for the truth. At least, the truth as I see it. Idea is, to be as calm and patient as possible while playing Super Hexagon. Experiencing uber-trip with mindnumbing frenetic-action is a given while playing the game. However, what is actually needed is “mind devoid of thoughts”. Remember what Morpheus was talking about? Well, guess it was all for something like this.

It goes without saying… this game is genius design by Terry Cavanagh. Hats off to him! The whole feeling of gameplay is supported by an extremely addictive soundtrack done by Chipzel.


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Trust not a Bitch – RDR personal experience I.

Posted the original one back – Facebook  on Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 11:26am

manual cover page on my game copy

manual cover page on my game copy

A fine looking innocent deserted lady calls for help. She begs for it. She asks for a lift. She says “help me out”. Me, Jose Panchal (courtesy Nic), strolling through Ridgewood farm notice her desperate call. I, being a gentle cowboy, proceed to help her.A bitch is what she is. Not a fine lady.

Bitch bucks me off me horse. Climbs on me horsie..tries running away. I whistle for my trusted horse. He gets back to me…bucks off the lady down to fucking muddy ground. I lasso the bitch. Then Hogtie her. Put her on me horsie. I start riding, carrying her through towns, while she keeps on screaming, hogtied, on me horsie. This is as satisfying as drinking hot chocolate in cold weather. I keep on riding. Bitch keeps on screaming. I keep on riding. Bitch keeps on screaming.

Off she goes…

A thought comes to my mind “Wouldn’t it be supremely satisfying to throw the bitch off a high cliff?”. I start climbing the nearest cliff. I reach desired height. I Stop. I carry the hogtied, beautiful looking, but not so beautiful minded bitch off me horsie. She keeps screaming in background. I am so high. I go near the edge of the cliff, throw the stupid bitch off. A deep, mesmerizing, intense satisfaction feels my veins as I observe the hogtied bitch fall to her bloody death.

And then I learned…

I was still high. Bitch dropped dead. Suddenly, while I am still in this feeling of “peace”, my trusted horsie approaches the edge of cliff, slips, follows the dropped bitch off the cliff…falls to his death on the same bloody ground. Me jumps off too, follows me horsie over the cliff. I dash and bang towards the cliff and fall down, not dead, but injured. My soul is torn apart looking at me dead trusted horsie…just beside that stupid dead hogtied bitch. I had to go on with my life. I had too (as Prad would say). I take out my knife. Skin my horsie. I now have horse meat. I can feed on it in my travels through Mexico.

Moral of my story…

Do not trust any lady. She might be a bitch. Your trusted horsie can be a bitch (or was God looking at me…and it was His intervention that slayed my horse!). No one will know. Life goes on.

Anyway, after 2 mins, you can always use D-PAD UP ARROW to whistle for a new horse 🙂

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Les Misérables (2012) – Hugh the carrier!

I finally watched Les Misérables today! I must say, it is a very beautifully made movie. Definitely, the best movie of 2012. Stellar cast delivers stellar performances.

What am I doing, this is not a review! I felt like writing about a very interesting aspect presented in the movie… and that is:

Hugh Jackman – as the Load bearer. Throughout the movie, he is shown to lift, carry and transpose one thing/ person from A to B. Well, there is deep meaning here.


  • Hugh Jackman lifts and carries the flag. – This is his first role as a Load bearer.

    • Why? –> To obey a direct command, to honor, act with his place as a slave/ prisoner
    • Consequence –> Utter hate and distrust in the eyes of Javert
  • Lifts a fallen carriage bar to save on old man. – Second role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> Every moment he makes sure to save any soul in need that surround him, he doesn’t believe in inequality and remembers his own place
    • Consequence –> Subtle memory recall of Hugh’s true self by Javert
  • Lifts and carries Fantine (Anne Hathaway) – Third role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> To help the lady who has fallen from grace, for he must right everything and help her save Cosette, live with the guilt of not helping Fantine earlier.
    • Consequence –> Leads his journey forward and establises a strong quest
  • Lifts and carries young Cosette – Fourth role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> Fulfilling his promise to Fantine, mercy and kindness
    • Consequence –> Understands what love is.
  • Lifts and carries Marius (Eddie) – Fifth role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> To save and bring Cosette’s love at any cost
    • Consequence –> Causes Javert to realize life, Reunites Cosette with Marius, understands love is to be shared
  • Lifts and carries himself – Sixth role as a Load bearer

    • Why? –> Does not want to live/ face Cosette with his past as an escaped prisoner
    • Consequence –> Frees himself and returns to lost souls in heaven

The last and sixth role is true metaphorical in presentation.

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Demon’s Souls >>>>> Girlfriend

Written and posted by me on Facebook (Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 6:08pm)

I guess the post title is also valid for Demon’s Souls’ successor, Dark Souls! So, whatever I mean below is completely valid for the sequel too 🙂


After countless retries, fear, deaths, arduous mishaps, broken bodies, looting, devouring and flirting, I present to you my personal feelings that clearly state and re-state the quintessential and inevitable fact of life (regardless of race, origin, species)…Demon’s Souls is a better deal!

5ive reasons:

1) When you play DS, you cherish each and every moment of your time with it! You know the value of life, money and gaming! This is so NOT true when it comes to spending time with your girlfriend. Demon’s Souls scores!

2) “YOU DIED” – 2 Words. 2 Sweet orgasmic words. It kills You. But, you know, you can come back! You know all has not failed! You know you have the power within you, to come back and murder that red-eyed hoplite bastard. “YOU BROKE UP” – 3 Words. 3 most unethically used words Ever!(perhaps I LOVE YOU is another one). When it comes to your girlfriend, there is NO coming back. Demon’s Souls scores! Again!

3) “It’s NOT you, It’s ME…Routine!” Seinfeld? Anyone? George? I bet many of you must’ve heard those words, uttered by your girlfriend, right before..you know what! It cracks up your skull. Its pure MindfuckAnyway, my point is, Demon’s Souls NEVER does that! In DS, it is always YOUR fault! You die, because YOU SUCK. DS will never say – “It’s NOT you, It’s ME”. Demon’s Souls scores! Yet Again!

4) “SOULSUCKER”. When you feel bad, down, fallen, your girlfriend might always support and be part of the global force which helps SUCK SOULS from you. Girls will SUCK away your SOUL. In Demon’s Souls,YOU SUCK….SOULS! You have the power. You fuck, You suck….souls. Plus, you can buy stuff with souls. So, it ROCKS. Demon’s Souls scores! Again and Again!

5) Married Men! I know its late for you…But, all hope is NOT lost! Deep in your heart, you always wanted to keep a sexy Mistress by your side. Some might even have one! Forget about having a girlfriend as your Mistress, choose Demon’s Souls. You WILL never feel alone…For people who enjoy and feeding off their FEAR, feel true gruesome fear in Demon’s Souls. Demon’s Souls scores! Forever and again!!! DS FTW \m/

If you actually DIE, face true Death playing Demon’s Souls…just remember and recall these words from Demon’s Souls – “If I only had some friends…”

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The Witcher 2 – 15 symptons of love and addiction

I thought of posting some of the random stuff I wrote about games here and there : ]

I’ll begin with Witcher 2 (the following points were posted  on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 2:11pm at Facebook)

The Witcher 2 – A fine Action-RPG with great story, setting, gameplay and progression. This game is exceptional on PC to this date. I’ve been thinking of playing the Enhanced edition… since it’s been so long since I finished this game. I know I’ll get back to it. Soon. Hopefully.

Anyway, for all hardcore fans of Witcher 2, read on!

  • When you walk by a garden your hands involuntarily venture to grab some flowers! Celandine x2
  • You gift your girlfriend a celandine and hope she uses its alchemical properties by harvesting Rebisand mixing it with chicken for dinner!
  • There can never be such a thing as “Too much sex”.
  • You stop believing in taking sides and your life’s motto is “Neutrality + Sex”.
  • You get depressed at the feeling that the world and people around you are not ubersampled!    
  • Stealing from anyone’s house in front of owners is not a crime.
  • When you encounter a cockroach in your bathroom, you instinctively do a quick roll and try stabbing it from behind with your shiny silver needle!

Geralt wandering in the streets of Flotsam


  • You believe your water bottle contains Swallow which can be drank only when you meditate!
  • You feel your locket vibrates like the Medallion in presence of a lizard nearby!
  • You start applying Almond Oils to your kitchen knife in hopes of making it more vicious!
  • You resolve your petty arguments with friends and strangers using Arm wrestling or fistfighting!
  • The only poker you are aware of is Dice Poker! 
  • You believe life’s story can be covered in 3 Chapters in addition to punishing beginning and short ending.
  • You think new local areas in your town get unlocked in the form of free DLCs. 
  • You assume life to have alternate endings.


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Currently Playing – Eador: Masters of the Broken World

I finally started playing Eador: Masters of the Broken world yesterday! I had pre-ordered this on off steam and got Eador: Genesis free. My love of fantasy, role-playing games and strategy has brought me to this one. Plus, being a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic series since years, I wanted to check what this game was all about.

I am already few hours into this game and started fighting bandits, goblins, orcs and shit. I’m loving this game right now and believe it captures the beautiful era of HoMM with thrilling adventures :] And, that makes me happy. Love the graphics, hex combat and game design. Coming from a small studio, this game is pure marvel.

My Hero (Unseen) reached level 4 and my first building in provinces is everyone’s beloved granary. Yes. Food and income. Isn’t that what we all care about? Food, money and games?

Well, I’ll keep posting more about this game as my hours sink in. Till then, enjoy some of my screen captures. Fantasy calls me.

World view

World view

Hero details

Hero details

Construction view (basic)

Construction view (basic)